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Applied Mathematics

Bachelor and Master Program Academic Year 2016 - 2017
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Summer Term 2017:

2. Semester                                              4. Semester                                              6. Semester                                                       Master                                              
Calculus II Partial Differential Equations Introductory Business Administration Functional Analysis
Mathematical Structures Stochastics II Applied Math Projects II Dynamical Systems I
Numerics I Numerics II Operations Research (w) Mathematical Finance II
Point Mechanics Rigid Body Motion Introductory Control Theory (w) Statistical Learning
Linear Optimization Introductory Control Theory Numerics II (w) Deformable Body Mechanics
Introduction to Matlab Excel/VBA Point Mechanics (w) Operations Research
Financial Instruments and Securities Statistical Learning (w) Seminar Modelling mech. Structures
Implementation of math. Methods Linear Optimization (w)
Mathematics in historical Context Excel/VBA (w)
Rigid Body Motion (w)

Winter Term 2016/17:

1. Semester                                              3. Semester                                              5. Semester                                                       Master                                              
Calculus I Ordinary Differential Equations Continuum Mechanics Measure Theory
Linear Algebra Stochastics I Differential Geometry Mathematical Finance I
Programming in C/C++ Integral Transformations Econometrics Partial Differential Equations Advanced Topics
Basic mathematical Concepts Complex Functions Calculus of Variations Analysis on Manifolds
Introduction LaTeX Reading Scientific Articles Finite Elements Numerics of PDEs
Introduction Maple Risk Management Monte Carlo Methods in Finance
Databases Finite Elements (w)
Applied Math Projects I

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